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Pay with your attention or it costs you all the time


When you start PAYING ATTENTION (we all pay) to everything in your life 100% (just not always to the same things)...

you can become a fortune teller, spell caster and one fucking awesome human.

In your own individual awesome way!

If we are willing to


For instance... I won't burn myself like this again... I remember exactly how this happened. And I keep remembering evey time I move my sleeve or take my clothes off and I scrape over it 😫

It's unfortunate sometimes how well we learn from pain. However I also appreciate that sometimes pain in one way or for a moment saves us from so many more.

I experienced alot of pain in my younger years and in some ways I still do. I believe it's part of an awesome human experience. Full spectrum. However I don't experience it like I use to or nearly as often.

You can shift your experience and level of pain (suffering)in your life...

If you are willing to



Reach out if you want support! ✌️❤️

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