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Bubbles ain't your friend

Bubbles ain't your friend 🤷‍♀️

I had no idea when I started drinking Bubly that I'd end up choosing not to buy them anymore

I also had no idea how truly addictive that bubbly carbonation is. I am aware of what it can do. The poison it is. The cancer it can cause. However because I already bought it and its here in my kitchen... I just popped one open. I always thought it was the sugar and other chemicals and such... especially when I'd Google it and found it to say it was totally safe

Six months ago I decided to give up drinking coke. I've always loved an ice cold coke! Not just any soda... nope, just Coke and occasionally when someone who loves me would find Bargs Red cream soda... that oh baby! I wasn't even a big drinker... maybe one a month or so. However I chose to stop buying it for several reasons. The top three being Freedom Family And Fun! It's what I'm all about. Freedom to see and choose what I feel is best for me. So that I can experience family, who matter most to me. So I can get to have more fun!

I've discovered in recent year and even more so recently that most all of our foods are filled with all kinds of toxic poisons labeled as other ingredients. I've learned there are chemicals that never go away and those are also allowed in "food". I've researched all kinds of diseases that are linked to food dyes and preservatives... or flavor inhancers. All kinds of daily issues that are caused by "food"

I've quit all kinds of addictions and habits throughout my life. Changed my mind about a million things. Committed to changes of all kinds.

And I still just popped open that Bubly.

It's so hard sometimes to change what you're use to. Especially when you thought it was a good choice. Especially when you feel like you've given up so much already. Especially when it tastes so good and refreshing

However I've never made a decision to quit doing something that I believed was harmful to me and then regretted it. Even if I had to try try try again or take baby steps. It all counts.

Live your best life... maybe even bubly free! 🤷‍♀️

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