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Mocking one belief while embracing another BELIEF sounds like alot of confusion around beliefs.

Or you think you're RIGHT.

And how exactly do you KNOW that? 🤔

Because of your beliefs?

What if my beliefs counter yours? What if my beliefs say your wrong? What if what I believe says your wasting your time on those beliefs?

What if I believe we've all been programmed and conditioned... brainwashed since birth?

What if I believe you have no idea the level of programming you live under ever day?

What if I believe the pain and suffering you feel is caused by your beliefs?

What if I believe the majority are missing the point?

What if I believe it doesn't matter what any of us believe?

What if I believe it's all about how you feel and not really what you believe?

What if I believe it doesn't fucking matter what I believe... if I'm not you.

Awesome thing about beliefs... you get to make them personal!

So what do you believe?

The difference in what matters and what doesn't... starts with your beliefs.


Breaking Brainwashing is the difference in results. If I were a (confused believer?) I'd join now... unless you like suffering in confusion 🤷‍♀️


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