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theVillage Membership

Being an official member of the Village you get the benefit of being first to know about all the goings on here .. the reason we chose this route... the benefits we see in living in a village style community... how we support ourselves and run business... information we find vital in the world... our preparations for the future and going forward... how your membership benefits you and other village members in big ways.. how your membership is 100% directly applied to the village and its development... where you can apply all your member benefits and get the best results... you get first dibs on all our retreats and events... exclusive notification on new product launches and programs... plus all the life hacks and recipes we use for living a candy life!

Membership Options


Member  T-shirt & Email 

Elite Member  T-shirt & One Event 

Member Sponsor

Sponsor  T-shirt & One Wkend Event

Elite Sponsor  theVillage Bundle, 3 Wkend Events & 20% discount on all future events

Member Ambassador

Ambassador  theVillage Bundle, 3 Wkend or One Week Stay & 30% discount on all future events 

Exclusive Ambassador  theVillage Bundle, up to 30 days of stays of your choosing (consecutive or separate options) opportunity if desired to become resident Village member, 50% discount on all future events and website merchandise

Want to just send us some love and support... we will receive and Thank You!

* Official theVillage T-shirt

*The Village Bundle is a $1177 value 

theVillage Story

the Village began as an idea. one planted long ago,,, even before we were all born. However in this particular case it began with my parents. Not so much the idea of the Village... more the idea of me... or not even the idea of me really, more them and the very act of sex and the allowance of my creation to come forth. That's about how I believe it happened. Like so many of us come about!

As a kid I enjoyed home life more than any other and only began to dislike the environment once I got older and my family was fractured and split. I began however from then to dig in and understand why. Why it happened... how come it couldn't be stopped... why didn't they still want to be the family they chose to be? I started forming my own ideas of how I wanted to throw down on life and began developing my own way! 

Now after decades of raising my own family (I started at the young age of 15 with my first of 5) and much soul searching and UnLeashing of life... I discovered my real true calling for life and how I wanted it to be lived. Not a calling in life... a calling FOR life. A calling to come to life... to bring in life... to support and defend LIFE. Completely.

what lead me to create the Village!

Throughout my life I have always had a desire for family and connection and LOVE more than any other. In alignment with that I never wanted to spend my time or at least not the majority of it away from home and most especially not away from my own humans. I had so many issues with going to work trading my time for money, just to pay someone else to care for my kids and life responsibilities. I never really saw it as care either in most cases... I saw it as a service (especially if you are paying for). I could do those things and wanted to.  I also wanted to teach and lead my family with my beliefs and values, not just some strangers or ones they just picked up along the way. Not only that, I always felt like my parents struggled and missed out on alot in their life due to the normal ways society teaches to organize it. Life being my first love I thrive on creation... so I started my entrepreneurial experience at just 8 years old I think. I started making (our family living in Texas at the time) western hair accessories and glitter covered pencils with my best friend Rachel. We would talk our dads into taking us to flea markets and corners to market our goods. I still remember buying all those conchos & bandanas!

Fast forward 30 ish years and I have done a few things on the entrepreneur side. From Boutiques and clothing alterations stores to a Heating & Cooling company with my best friend for over  20 years... buying a 100 year old 20,000 sq. ft. school... building an online company that serves in not only physical products for life... also offers course and programs with tools to apply to actual life (the Ultimate Human Experience) and just a few hobbies and kids in the mix too. Which has all lead to where I am now. On the side of a beautiful mountain... surrounded by miles and miles of other mountains and peaks... living the WAYFREE life... building the Village.

Sharing the experience to help others create and live A Candy Life (book that's coming... with ALL the recipes!) 

It's all created... NOT found.

My mission is to offer a Village setting with a community to love and support each other in life. Whether you are a resident or an occasional guest... the Village can be your home. With your support I can offer more homes to humans who want to be part of the Village and be part of something bigger. Something Awesome!!!

Peace & Love


My greatest desire and intention is to be a beacon of light to my children and support who they are.

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