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Lookin to UNITE!?

   If you are looking to make a formal connection with that special someone , however don't want that formal tradition....

   Then I'm your Dude, man! Well not your Dude, however the dude for this job! I am anxious and excited to perform your union! What an exciting time when you have found that one and perhaps only to join forces with on this trip of a journey we often refer to as life!

   I have been thankful myself to have been hitched for almost two decades now! I cant believe how the years have added up. My guy and I have a fun filled original one of a kind, adventure with our tribe of 7! Being blessed to find someone to share life with and raise a family has been one of the most rewarding parts of my experience. I wouldn't want to go back and have to learn all those lessons over again however I sure am glad i did and made it here to shine about it!

   I am not much for traditional tradition simply because its how its always been. I'm more of an original thinker! I like to believe that we are all here for our own version of experience and that includes how we join ourselves with another!

I want to offer just that to you. To create your own experience, just the way you want! 

   Life is a unique experience to each of us, why shouldn't your union be as well!?!?

Now it can be!

Designed and performed just the way you want, where you want. Want to meet in the middle of the woods next to a water fall, just the two of you, private,  at moonlight, cool! want to do it up big and wild with everybody you have ever met and make them all wear their best, cool! want to have it in the middle of a parking lot on a Saturday night, weird but cool! want us all to be in costume, even better than cool!

   What I'm saying is, nothing is too big or too small. too weird or to normal. too early or too late! Whenever you want, we will tie that knot! 

   Email or call & we will get to planning it all! 



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