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The best way to help something grow is to support it... whatever IT is. In this case it is us in our mission to share a way of life... along with our story and beliefs, that is wholesome, honest... facilitates family... connection... dependent free living... sustainable life... responsibly sourcing... recycling... living off the land... community living and resourcing... education... relationships... happy life and so much more! 

It's REAL.

There is no 1 way to live....

however there is only 1... WAYFREE!

(once you know... it's all you know )

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check out all our videos on off grid life in the group or youtube

While we believe in working for your living and being personally responsible for yourself and your needs... we also believe in creating life in alternative ways from what society typically offers and sharing these ways with you... knowing how much our lives have changed implementing & embodying these habits and beliefs... we are compelled to share in any way we can. Life is too short to keep it to ourselves.  
We understand the need for goods and services  however we choose to look for ways to exchange or acquire these outside of the traditional exchange of money where we can. We prefer to receive in other ways. we do however accept either in exchange for our services & good's. also love being supported & supporting others in more useful ways.... especially for us here at the Village... off grid is a bit different... That's not saying we can't find good use for dollars... we are however fully aware... there is more to living the ultimate human experience and how it goes round...
some of that takes $$$
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We offer all our courses & programs (here)  for "wish List" exchanges also. No better way to change your life... than by helping someone else change theirs. We believe in... "do unto others, as you would have done, to you" 
peace & love

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In the event you just love us so much or perhaps it's not us at all you love it's the message we are sharing you love and want to support us with your dollar$... to help our story reach more and ripple further.... we will absolutely responsibly put them to work... we appreciate your dollars and you immensely for supporting our message... that really supports & serves us all! 

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Village Mailing Address
P.O. Box 704, Fort Garland, CO 81133

Check out our NEW Pine & Sage Product line and our other offerings and events.
We have been having fun while working diligently, however we have only really just begun!  


Come experience life off grid at one of our AWESOME events here at the Village. We aren't like everyone else and neither are our events!

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