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The ONE Body Love

The ONE Body Love


The ONE Body Love


If you are ready to say goodbye to poison and plastics... and embody the only products you'll ever need again... this is for you!


100% Natural, Hand Blended, Organic cold infused. Every bottle is made individually. All ingredients are so safe that it's... So good you can eat!


Pine and sage are two very potent natural pain and inflammation reducers. Also an anti fungal! They both have such awesome fragrances and there wood can be used for a great many things too.


This product line is created from nature that grows abundant right here in the mountains we live in!


Love yourself more... use only the ONE Body Love!

All proceeds of these products go directly back to the research support and building of the Village and Sanctuary for Young Minds. So feel good about where your money is going!

We appreciate you

-T-shirts all come in black or random tie-dye so be sure to indicate which you want.


- Bundles...

Large includes the 8 oz pump oil, the 4 oz rub, the 4 oz spray, and the 8 oz candle... plus the FREE oil roller!


Small includes the 4 oz oil dropper, the 2.5 oz rub, the 4 oz spray, and the 8 oz candle!


Group and Courses are online and at your own pace and privacy. You are the ONE who GET's to decide!

You DON'T have to... you GET to.


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