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CHAAB Hat (mediums)

CHAAB Hat (mediums)


CHAAB Hat is a one of a kind 100% hand crafted hat. I enjoy a nice beanie so much and love various colors that I decided to make my own and share them with you!


I live at an altitude of almost 9000 ft so this beanie is perfect for those cold days! It'swhat inspire the CHAAB Hat (Cheryl's High Attitude Attitude Beanie)

These are all 100% hand made by me. I crochet each one with intention and pack them full with my high energy mojo... just for you! I also stain the material I use for the tags with coffee... I soak them in a custom blend of goodies and then create each tag individually.


Get yours NOW before winter gets here and your stuck wishing you had!


Peace & Love

ATTENTION... please indicate CHAAB hat pic number so we are clear on your order and send the right one.

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