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So, if you are ready for the most awesome... unique... legit, original life changing experience... now is your opportunity. We are offering you the chance to come stay at the Village and experience what it's all about... living the Ultimate Human Experience! Even if "off grid" life is the farthest from what you want... you'll see what I'm talking about.

Book your ALL INCLUSIVE stay HERE  (delicious filling on site prepared & cooked meals, fruity frozen nutritious drinks, your own personal space to stay, full Village access to all the community amenities... exercise/nature path through the woods and village... body work station... main kitchen... restrooms & showers... up and coming green house... all the sweet furry animals... gore cart rides... bike riding... camp and cooking fire stations throughout... Village Market with all the goods from all your favorite creators too.... the Meditation Medicinal Healing Tent... all the art and hobby stations like clay and beads and tie dye just to name a few.... morning fires with coffee and convos.... ) you get to choose how you experience your stay, in one of our four season tent cabins... or book a "bring your own" tent spot... or (subject to availability) enjoy your stay in our EXCLUSIVE off grid Village Tiny home suite, equipped with a deluxe comfort bed and comfort cotton bedding... a sitting area... a fireplace for any cool nights... magical fun solar fairy lighting... a goodie package with all kinds of goodies for your stay here and to take home with you... exclusive pre-access to all our Village Events and of course access to the Village Market. Shop all your favorite good's and enjoy a whole new experience!

This is like nothing you have ever experienced... and extremely exclusive. We want to provide a life altering experience and we want to offer it to only those who are committed to living.... their own.... Ultimate Human Experience. We can offer a perspective that will help you achieve any goal or life you want or close the time gap on the one you are already loving & aligned with and ready to receive. There is only one WAYFREE for you.... and it's through you and your experience.

All of our event packages are all inclusive... if you are interested in any of them... just click HERE to reserve your date or send us a message for all the info on each event. You can email or text (913)269-2038... comment "VILLAGE EVENTS"

The Village is located within 10 minutes of the Mountain Home Reservoir, Forbes Park, the Sand Dunes, Zapata Falls and so much more... this is all a part of the experience we offer you.

If you would like to support the Village or take part in it's creation.... click HERE

The Ultimate Human Experience something so grand it can only be achieved through an experience.

Understanding an explanation, rather than involving yourself in an experience... is difficult for most. So much of the "Magic" doesn't transcend... or the thought or idea gets clouded in confusion and words. 

Like most lessons of life, being shown makes way more impact than just being told. While comprehension is taking a back seat... your mind, body and soul direct you into your own individual experience. You don't need to fully understand, for you are being shown & having the experience. The path unfolds before you. Your own involvement, determines everything. Make your experience as simple or complex as you desire.

For ONLY you... know your own... Ultimate Human Experience... your own WAY FREE! ✌️❤️

What's happening now... 


First Annual Festival at the Village to celebrate the freedom we all have.... just by being born! Freedom to create and live the kind of life we want to live... this is an event for any & all. Families... old friends... new friends.... individuals.... parents and kids... whoever you are. Camp style with tasty meals amenities and awesome company... a goodie bag and of course the Village Market.... not only that, all the amazing fun their is all around us provided by nature!... We have some cool plans!

 7-31-21 (we are talking another in August or September) If you want to find out more or just get on the list so we know who we are feeding click HERE


Come for a couple days of time just you... your kids... tasty food and treats... a soul nurturing goody bag to take home to further your fun... your own large personal tent suite (4 season tent that you can stand up in- can sleep up to 10) and of course the most AWESOME adventures the world can offer. When you visit paradise.... you'll understand!

(inquire for specific dates HERE)


Do you & your partner need a refresh? Do you want to find a deeper connection? Are you wanting to take it to the next level or free yourself finally of the "stuff" that has always gotten in the way and taken up valuable space in your relationship? This is your opportunity. We here at the Village started our partnership over 20 years ago now... it's not always been easy. We have been through some crazy times and interesting situations...  (I'm sure you have or will hear a few) however once we discovered the tools it takes and the choices need to align with another... it has been like magic! a fairytale love story that you only find in books and movies.... and those committed to each other and the life they want to live. We are committed to breaking harmful, painful, destructive family cycles that cause struggle and destruction of so many families... people... the world. We believe that if you heal the individual... the container for which they live (marriage... divorce) no longer matters. It's the the understanding of choices that creates the most impact. Aligned... Powerful and Clear... because that's what it takes to live the Ultimate Human Experience... you know, being human and all.

Come deepen or ignite your relationship into a whole new realm.

We offer short weekend infusions or longer stays.... send us a message HERE and we'll see what works best for you!


Come for a 2 day, 1 night stay at the Village and enjoy some tasty eats... fun adventures... and awesome company. These weekend events are catered towards fun & adventure... exploring how to make the move off grid... personal healing & growth... relationship development... or tighter family connections and circles

(next is 7-29-21... send us an email HERE if you want details or to reserve you spot... the private camp spots are limited and so are the available tents... so be sure to connect asap)


This is the best opportunity to be a part of it all. Be as involved in the "off grid" life as you like or as little, like on trial... or come and let us treat you and share some of our perspective on how to design your own WAYFREE.... whatever that dream looks like. Spend a day or two or up to 12 months at the Village. Be a part of a TEAM (Treating Each As Myself) that honors personal space... the nature of the land... growth and being right where you are. Life is a journey... its all about the experience.... and choosing what kind of life, you WANT to live. The best way to do that is information & experience.... so you are equipped to choose... your next BEST.

We can offer you both! (email HERE for additional details)

As always we offer all our courses and programs on off grid life... personal growth and development and business creation & growth... check out the site or just send us a message HERE if you are wanting more info... have an awesome day!

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