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Life Unleashed- A Candy Life

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From The Second You Enter This World, People Are Telling You What You Should Be. What You Should Do... - How you should act, talk, dress, eat. - What you should do to earn money. How you should spend money. - How to treat others. How not to treat others. - What god to believe in. What god is evil. - What good and bad are. - What right and wrong are. Your entire life is shaped by whatever ecosystem you land in when you come crashing into this planet. And you build an arsenal of tools, armor, and weapons with those things and you use them to guide and build your own life. Because no one EVER asks you along the way... What do YOU want? Who are YOU!? What lights YOU up inside? It's really hard to not allow the influence of others answer those questions. Because no one has ever taught you how not to. Why would they? Parents encourage their kids to be like them. Follow in their footsteps. Build the same careers. Hold the same values. Like the same sports teams. They even dress them in the same clothes and shoes! Etc. They're not interested in what lives beyond the surface of that little spacesuit. They don't even have an awareness of it. Why would they? No one was interested in them in that way. And we're influenced to do what others influence us to do, not influenced by our own internal energy. So we spend our entire lives trying to master, grow, and succeed at being something that's fabricated by forces outside our own hearts. Something that's not authentic and aligned

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