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From The Second You Enter This World, People Are Telling You What You Should Be. What You Should Do...

- How you should act, talk, dress, eat.
- What you should do to earn money. How you should spend money.
- How to treat others. How not to treat others.
- What god to believe in. What god is evil.
- What good and bad are.
- What right and wrong are.

Your entire life is shaped by whatever ecosystem you land in when you come crashing into this planet. And you build an arsenal of tools, armor, and weapons with those things and you use them to guide and build your own life.

Because no one EVER asks you along the way...

What do YOU want?


Who are YOU!?



What lights YOU up inside?

It's really hard to not allow the influence of others answer those questions. Because no one has ever taught you how not to. Why would they? Parents encourage their kids to be like them. Follow in their footsteps. Build the same careers. Hold the same values. Like the same sports teams. They even dress them in the same clothes and shoes! Etc. They're not interested in what lives beyond the surface of that little spacesuit. They don't even have an awareness of it.

Why would they? No one was interested in them in that way.

And we're influenced to do what others influence us to do, not influenced by our own internal energy. So we spend our entire lives trying to master, grow, and succeed at being something thats fabricated by forces outside our own hearts. Something that's not authentic and aligned with our own default energy signature. Our unique core frequency. We push, fight, and force our way into a skin that's not ours and vow to change and upgrade and transform to get better and better and better at NOT being ourselves!



Transformation is NOT about changing yourself.

It's about BEING yourself.

It's about peeling away and chopping off all of the layers of shit that's covering up, YOU! The goal isn't to become a new and improved or upgraded version of yourself. The goal is to just become YOURSELF! So you can live and learn and experience life from there. Because that's not just "good enough", there is nothing you can do that's better!

The shit that's stuck to you throughout your life has become a calcified shell. Call it the seed that's protected the plant inside of it. That's what we want to get out! The stuff buried underneath the wreckage of a life being programmed to be something you're not! That's what our target is! For you to BE you! To sprout out of that shell, out of that seed! Then and only then do we focus on growth. Because growing anything else is a lie that will eventually collapse on itself and create a life filled with unnecessary struggle because it's not aligned with your natural genius and true purpose.

So let's get you in an environment where the focus is on you. Your true essence. Your core desires for life. And it all starts with a simple very powerful, but nearly impossible question to answer with clarity: WHAT DO YOU WANT!?

Answer that question from the core of your essence and you unlock and release all of the power, all of the magic, all of the beauty, and all of the prosperity in the entire universe.


It's IMOPSSIBLE to answer that question with any kind of clarity until you answer the one before it. The one question that empowers clarity, from your core. The one question that's the very first step in being you. In letting go of the constant fight that is futile and unwinnable anyway. Because being you makes everything around you fit. It makes everything work. There is no more fight. There is only growth, experience, adventure, and actively living your life, not fighting to create and maintain a facade, being a person you were never meant to be... In the video above is a real life example of what that question is in my life and what happens when you answer it. Answer this question yourself and take the next step based on your answer.

You're WAY more powerful than you might think. And you already have the answers at your core. Most people go about it backwards. They focus on tactics and strategies and spend their time, energy, and money on getting advice on those things. But getting advice on that is actually counter productive until you have clarity. Once you get clarity, as soon as you can see what you actually want, you turn into a different person. A powerful, unstoppable, dynamic, highly intelligent and capable person.

And THAT'S when you step on the gas! But if you go about it backwards, it's like stepping on the gas with a chain that's anchored into the earth and strapped to your soul. You'll burn up all of your resources and fuel and go nowhere. You're left feeling broken, defeated, depleted, and tired. It's not that you didn't give it everything you had. It's just that you didn't remove that chain first! It's the first step.

Remove The Damn Chain!

And it's simple as can be. I'll guide you through this process. Train your focus to be potent and powerful - Mentally, emotionally, and physically. Show you how to instantly step over the line from scarcity to abundance. Get you past procrastinating and self sabotage and to a point where no one can stop your actions if they tried. Show you how to access every particle of your power. And lead you to real and tangible results in 14 days.

You're not going to do anything if you don't have any skin in the game. You're not going to win until you bet on yourself to win. So bet $99 on yourself and show up.

Do the stuff I teach you. And you WILL get results. It's been proven time and time again from people from all walks of life.


I'm doing this in a way I'm heavily invested also - a hybrid live training! Which means I have to show up, give my time, energy, love, guidance, and support to make sure you're set up for success.

We're all in this together.

I'll help you get powerful clarity.


You will strengthen and train your focus so much you'll make Adderal embarrassed. (Without drugs) - Mentally, emotionally, and physically.


I will show you how to instantly step over the line from scarcity to abundance with one simple sentence.


You will get past procrastinating and self sabotage to a point where you're moving forward and building momentum.


I will show you how to access every particle of your power so you don't get taken out from having a tough challenge or bad day ever again!


And lead you to real and tangible results in 14 days.



Your Tool Kit

Live training, guidance, and support:

Nothing is more powerful or faster at penetrating to the core of an issue or problem than live energy! Just like being at a concert is a unique and different experience than listening to a studio recorded song. The energy from live training is irreplaceable.


Group collaboration and support from PowerLife Mentors

You'll NEVER be left alone in any PowerLife ecosystem.


Video trainings.

Worried about missing out? I know that we all get "lifed"! Don't worry. If you can't make a live session, we're going to give you video recordings so you can work around anything that comes up in your life!


Written guides.

We all learn differently. And we are dedicated to your success (sometimes more than you are!). So I'll be including written guides to help anchor in the lessons.


Audios Guides.

Repitiion is key to any transformation. Having audio lessons that you can listen to on the go is a great and easy way to maximize the power of your transformation.


Actionable Worksheets:

- Complete life inventory in minutes

- Focus exercises to strengthen your presence

- Clarity Finder

- How to find your "why"


PowerLife Principles ebook

We're also going to give you a copy of my bestselling book, The PowerLife Principles so you can review all 11 PowerLife Principles over and over until they are no longer a new way of thinking but become the most empowering natural way your mind works.


The Powerife Principles Audio Book

Take my bestselling book, The PowerLife Principles, that's been read and shared in over 70 countries on the go!

All you have to do is take ONE SIMPLE STEP! And we'll take it from there!

Complete your registration below. ONE STEP! WIll Change EVERYTHING...

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Thanks or being the ONE

Stop making it so complicated and be the ONE

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